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Aquatic Risk Management Group’s consultants take pride in patek philippe complicated 5130j mens 39mm yellow gold beige baton dial offering the outmost professional services

Aquatic Expert Witness

  • Preliminary discovery review and case merit assessment
  • On-site aquatic accident investigation and causation reconstruction
  • Attorney orientation with relevant aquatic industry standards
  • Insight into probably opposing side aquatic theories and strategies
  • Hindcasting of aquatic accident behaviors and biomechanical scenarios
  • Equipment failure analysis and product performance testing
  • Safety auditing of aquatic facilities, employee performance and posted warnings
  • Courtroom exhibits, photo/video documentation, aquatic accident research and forensic re-enactments
  • Answering interrogatories, preparing expert affidavits and reports
  • Providing expert witness testimony at depositions and trials
  • Write edit, review and production of staff and facility manuals/handbooks

Aquatic Product Liability

  • Aquatic environmental factors and forensic evidence gathering
  • Failure analysis and performance testing of aquatic products
  • Confirming misuses and hidden causal defects
  • Adequacy of warnings and instructions

Aquatic Incident Analysis

  • Forensic reconstruction of aquatic accidents
  • Time/motion re-enactment at the surface and below
  • Specialized photography and video documentation
  • Measuring slip resistance on wet walking surfaces
  • Possesses familiarity with “how to get things done” in yl rolex day date m228235 0003 40mm mens president bracelet watch remote Caribbean islands


  • Aquatic Facility Operator Training
  • Water Safety Instructor Training
  • Lifeguard Instructor Training
  • Emergency action plans
  • Safety surveys of aquatic facility design, construction, maintenance and operation
  • Staff evaluation and training
  • Hazard foreseeability and warning signs
  • Legal compliance
  • Industry standards

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