Aquatics Risk Management was founded by Aquatics Expert Tom Ebro. Tom founded Aquatic Risk Management to evaluate facilities and operational safeguards to minimize risk for aquatic industries, included but not limited to equipment manufacturers, recreation, hospitality and entertainment. Under Tom Ebro, Aquatic Risk Management, oversaw over 60 cases per year and over 1,600 career cases. After 30 plus years in the industry, Tom Ebro retired and passed down his aquatics litigation resource practice to Aquatics experts Kenneth A. Soler and Victoria Giraldo. Together, and with the guidance of Tom Ebro, Aquatics Risk Management will continue to provide expertise in the aquatics field. Mr. Soler and Ms. Giraldo have over 40 years of combined Aquatics experience, ranging from water park and aquatic center management to recommending corrective action, casual elements, implementation of maintenance and safety training programs to improve water safety and minimize litigation and exposure.